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We love food… made from the freshest
ingredients from first principles.

The Old Cow Shed Chisworth is a small, artisan curing and smoking house situated in a converted 17th century cow shed 1,000 feet up in the beautiful Peak District. We take pride in producing food from the freshest ingredients and from animals that are free to roam fields and woodland. Our produce includes ham, sausages and the finest bacon supplemented by real free range eggs, fruit, vegetables and unusual preserves from our own smallholding. We became increasingly disenchanted with so called ‘farm shops’ which just stocked mass-produced jam with gingham tops and produce of questionable origin.
As a result we decided to set up ‘The Old Cow Shed’ situated in the breathtaking Peak District. Our pork comes from pigs that are not simply free range; they live, play and sleep as a small litter in 13 acres of meadow and woodland. Accompanied by their owner they travel less than a mile to a small family run local abattoir. We then use traditional slow curing and smoking methods, in small batches, to make the finest bacon, hams and sausages. We apply the same attention to detail to fish, cheese and vegetables. We also offer freer-than-free range eggs from a small, mixed flock of hens who spend their days
roaming three acres of land and whose naturally foraged diet is supplemented by non-GM feed.

We grow our own fruit and vegetables as organically as possible and use these for the basis of interesting and unusual pickles and preserves, such as pickled cherries and chipotle sauce, to complement our smoked and cured food.

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